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“Truly changed”

When I came to Alta Mira I wasn’t sure what they could offer me. What they gave me was myself. My life has been truly changed.

Ilene T.
Alta Mira Alumnus
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Alta Mira: Our Promises to You

Meaningful Lives ~ Infinite Possibilities

At Alta Mira, our passion is to help create meaningful lives rich with infinite possibilities for those seeking freedom from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Driven by our Core Values and a dedication to clinical excellence, we make the following promises:

Promise 1: Sophisticated Diagnostic Capabilities

We promise you a comprehensive psychological testing and assessment program to help diagnose all underlying issues that may be adding to the challenges of sobriety. Our evaluations create a complete picture of your neuropsychological and cognitive functions, provide us a distinct roadmap for the most effective treatment, and give you renewed hope.

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Promise 2: Clinical Excellence and Truly Individualized Care

We promise you truly individualized care tailored to your specific needs and goals, with a treatment model that integrates evidence-based treatment methods, experiential and holistic therapy, and a range of peer support options. Our exceptional team of addiction experts collaborates with you, family members, and other health care professionals to help facilitate lasting recovery.

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Promise 3: Extraordinary Treatment Experiences

We promise you compassionate staff, excellent service, and trans-formative experiences in beautiful surroundings. We believe in your inner strength, inherent wholeness and capacity to thrive, and offer you the safe and healing environment in which you can envision sobriety and a life of infinite possibilities.

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The staff had hope for me when I was hopeless. They had love for me when I could not love myself.
– Scott F., Alta Mira Alumnus

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are honest and accountable. By staying true to our authentic selves and respecting the inherent dignity in others, we bring peace and balance to work every day.

Excellence: With a fierce dedication to program excellence, we passionately bring the “Wow Factor” to everything we do.

Innovation: With forward thinking and open minds, we are committed to pioneering leading-edge programs and to delivering clinical solutions customized to each client’s unique needs.

Compassion: Ours is a safe haven of healing, recovery and hope. We treat every individual who walks through our doors with empathy, caring and loving kindness.

Collaboration: We work as a community of healing: clients, families, peers, partners and professionals. Through teamwork and mutual support, we inspire and empower each other to create an unparalleled recovery experience.

Service: We are grateful for the lives we have been given and for the opportunity to give back to those we serve.

Bill Morrison, CEO, speaks about the vision of Alta Mira Recovery Programs

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