Jeff Rocco, Senior Admissions Advisor

Senior Admissions Advisor

Jeffrey Rocco joined Constellation Behavioral Health as an admissions advisor in 2019. He quickly discovered that Constellation’s values and collaborative approach to healing blended well with his experience, enthusiasm, and ethics. Now, Jeffrey serves as our Senior Admissions Advisor for both Alta Mira Recovery Programs and Bridges to Recovery, and enjoys working with the dynamic teams at both programs.

Jeffrey has a career spanning nearly two decades. Prior to landing at Constellation, he crafted and led admissions teams at exemplary programs such as The Palm Beach Institute and Breathe Life Healing Centers. Over that time, Jeffrey gained a broad exposure to a wide array of evidence-based clinical approaches, modalities, and cultures in primarily dual-diagnosis residential treatment settings. He has enjoyed working with some of the most well-respected professionals in our field and brings a depth of compassion and experience rarely seen.

As our Senior Admissions Advisor, Jeffrey draws upon his wealth of experience to work closely with clients, their families, and our internal treatment teams to help determine the best program to fit for each client’s personal needs and goals. He takes great pride in representing both Alta Mira and Bridges to Recovery, and through this dedication provides a seamless and compassionate experience for those seeking help.

Jeff Rocco, Senior Admissions Advisor at Alta Mira Recovery Programs & Constellation Behavioral Health