“There’s No Addiction Treatment Near Me!” Going to Rehab Far from Home

Far too many people feel isolated and hopeless because of a lack of widespread addiction treatment. But when there are no sufficient options near you, traveling for residential treatment is the best path to successful and long-term recovery.

Anthony’s true story of dealing with drugs and addiction is a lot different than most people in his life believe. On the outside, his family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors saw him still using. Still struggling. Still messing up. What they didn’t see was how he reached out for help many times, but the help hadn’t been there or hadn’t been ready for him. Still waiting.

Many people who are trapped in the grips of drugs or alcohol truly want to get help. They want to rediscover their power of choice and the life that is possible. But sometimes, there just doesn’t seem to be any help within reach. They might get on a waiting list for a bed in a treatment facility, but waiting days or weeks for help when they are dangerously dependent on one or more substances isn’t an appropriate expectation.

The truth for Anthony and so many more people in this country is: “There’s no addiction treatment near me.” But this doesn’t mean that they are out of options.

The Lack of Widespread Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

It may be surprising to hear that addiction treatment options can be so hard to find in some areas. It does seem like something we should be able to take for granted. But for those who need it most, often they are left reaching and alone. And, in some cases, that wait can be fatal.

The 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 89.2% of people who needed treatment for substance use disorders were not receiving it. While there are diverse barriers that keep people from getting the addiction treatment they need, an apparent lack of treatment options can seem to outweigh the rest.

In many cases, the shortage of specialized treatment is due to the lack of physicians, therapists, and counselors with adequate training. It’s critical that the teams providing treatment for alcohol and drug addiction can supervise safe medical detox, provide accurate diagnoses for any and all co-occurring disorders, prescribe safe and effective medications as needed, foster an empowering therapeutic environment, and set clients up with comprehensive after-care plans for long-term recovery. This well-rounded approach to treatment is not altogether impossible or inaccessible, but without it, a person’s recovery outcomes significantly decline.

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When There's No Addiction Treatment Near You, What Options Do You Have?

When you or someone you know is struggling with active addiction, life can seem to be entirely out of control. It’s vital to get treatment immediately because what’s already bad can get much worse in no time. But when there’s no addiction treatment nearby or the local options can’t provide the kind of comprehensive care that’s necessary, what can you do?

The nature of immersive treatment for substance use disorders begins with inpatient rehab. For this reason, it isn’t necessary for clients to live close by or to travel to and from treatment at all. In fact, many of the leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers welcome people from all over the world. And, no matter where clients come from, once they arrive and begin to navigate their individualized plan of care, they are in the right place. The path of residential treatment, even if it is far from home, is one that leads to lasting recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Residential Treatment?

Whether a residential treatment program is right around the corner or across the country, it is the very best thing you can do for yourself. Consider some of the direct benefits of comprehensive programming for addiction in an immersive setting:

  • You’ll go through detox as safely and comfortably as possible in a luxurious environment with compassionate medical attention.
  • With well-rounded treatment in one place, you can be sure that any co-occurring disorders receive simultaneous care in the context of an individual treatment plan.
  • You’ll have extensive support in exploring and developing healthier coping strategies for when you encounter stress and other challenges in the future.
  • The welcoming community environment will pull together the support of clinicians, peers, family, and friends to enhance your immediate and long-term recovery outcomes.
  • You will not be left to fend for yourself following treatment. During your rehab stay, program staff will be helping you to develop a plan and a support system to sustain you after rehab.

There are even some particular benefits of participating in treatment far from home:

  • You can escape the stigma that may surround you at home regarding mental illness and substance use disorders.
  • You can get a break from some of the stressors and triggers that are common in your everyday life and home setting.
  • You can put your quality of care and the very best clinical support above logistical concerns such as travel.

When it comes to treatment for your alcohol addiction, it matters less where you are and more what kind of care and expert attention you receive. The trap of addiction can leave you feeling hopeless, but recovering your life and your will is possible. Give yourself the support you deserve; reach for the best help available to begin your healing journey as soon as possible.